State intervention and parenting in CEE and beyond


  • Alexandra Szőke Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Budapest
  • Cecília Kovai Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Institute for Regional Studies

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The articles in this special issue explore the various ways this renewed interest in children and intensified state interference into family life have influenced parents, professionals and child-focused institutions. Each paper uses rich empirical material, drawing on qualitative research, thus offering insights into the mechanisms through which such interference works and the ways it influences daily practices (of both parents and professionals), parental choices and parents’ self-perceptions. The special issue accommodates examples from various European countries, which help illuminate the ways these currently dominant trends materialize in different institutional, socio-political and historical contexts. The papers remark the above explained changes in the approach to parenting, each revealing the various ways it influences policies, parents, professionals in the specific national contexts.




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Szőke, A. and Kovai, C. 2022. State intervention and parenting in CEE and beyond. Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics. 8, 3 (Nov. 2022), 1–11. DOI: