Practicing Willkommenskultur: Migration and Solidarity in Germany


  • Ulrike Hamann
  • Serhat Karakayali

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During the ‘long summer of migration’ (Kasparek and Speer, 2015) a set of collective practices of solidarity with refugees in many European cities became (gradually) coined in public discourse as a ‘culture of welcome’. This article focuses on the volunteers in Germany who created structures out of the first spontaneous practices by building so-called welcome initiatives. Based on empirical research about these initiatives in Germany we share our first reflections about the attitudes toward migration policies, right-wing protests and the notion of integration held by these volunteers in order to illustrate what they think of the society of migration and its potential chances and conflicts.




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Hamann, U. and Karakayali, S. 2016. Practicing Willkommenskultur: Migration and Solidarity in Germany. Intersections. East European Journal of Society and Politics. 2, 4 (Dec. 2016). DOI:



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